Room for CreamRoom for Cream. Maybe the only vocal-guitar / trombone-euphonium duo in Chicago. Probably in the whole world! It's an intriguing combination that tends to take people by surprise.

Haruka Wada delivers her poppy, alt-rock-influenced originals with an acoustic guitar and a pleasantly unforced voice, while at times her lyrics strike an edgier tone. Her husband John �Showtime� Janowiak is a trombonist known for punchy jazz-funk improv, but in Room for Cream he brings out his more melodic side. Here their worlds blend to form a refreshing musical brew. Have a sip and you'll see.

Room for Cream - Thursday's ChildNew CD Available! The new Room for Cream CD, Thursday's Child, is now here. Just $10 plus shipping ($2 domestic, $4 international).