Haruka WadaHaruka Wada - vocals & guitar
Haruka grew up in Yokohama, Japan, and came to the United States as a high school exchange student. Her interest in guitar was sparked by her music-loving friends in college. She picked up her friend Amy’s guitar and two weeks later performed two original songs at an open mic night. After a whole year, she finally decided to buy her own guitar.

Inspired to write songs mostly when she was in rocky relationships, many of her songs reflect her angst over past heartbreaks. Now that those days are behind her, she is working on writing happy songs but finds it a real challenge so far.

Haruka’s other passion is art, and she is working on a graphic novel to document her life in the US and Japan.

John Janowiak (Johnny Showtime) - trombone & euphonium
Johnny ShowtimeShowtime has carved out a niche as an in-demand trombone soloist and section man for a wide variety of groups and recording projects. He is widely known for his trombone work in Liquid Soul, in which he played from 1995 to early 2003. He recorded on three of the band's albums, including the Grammy-nominated Here's the Deal (2000). The gig took him all over North America, plus Japan and Europe.

After leaving Liquid Soul, Showtime formed his own soul-jazz combo, Soulio, which is still playing in Chicago clubs and released its first CD in 2007. He continues to perform regularly with a variety of bands around Chicago. Aside from having mean trombone and euphonium skills, he is an accomplished journalist/editor and web guy.